``Vision is the art of seeing the invisible.``

What is your turnaround?

Standard Turnaround for most print design is 2-3 days after the date the deposit is received, depending on our current workload. Same Day or Next Day Turnaround is considered a RUSH order and may incur an up-charge. Typically “Same Day”= Rate x 2, and “Next Day” = Rate x 1/2.

Web site design turnaround varies depending on the size and scope of the project. For example, the turnaround can depend on the time it takes to receive the content from you, the number of site pages, and the amount of interactive features (forms, animations, media players, etc) that are needed in the design.


I just had my first consultation and received a quote, what next?

Please send your business billing address via email to admin@jamaciajohnson.com so that you can receive your invoice. The invoice will arrive to your email account with payment instructions.


How do I make a payment?

You will receive an Intuit Quickbooks invoice via email. The invoice will show the full amount due but you are only required to pay 50% of that total as the deposit. The required deposit will be written in the notes section at the bottom of the invoice. We accept all major credit cards. If you would like to make a payment via PayPal please send to payments@jamaciajohnson.com. The design phase will begin once the payment has been received.


Do you offer print services?

Yes, if you need a quote on print services please let us know. We broker with online printers that offer high quality products at very affordable prices. We can place your order for you!


What are your terms and conditions?

Please visit our Terms page to review all legal terms and conditions.


Do you write the text content for print designs or web sites?

You are required to provide all written verbiage for your web site or print design project exactly as it needs to read. It must be fully edited and free of typos (spelling, grammar, wrong numbers, etc). We are not responsible for errors in the content that you provide. If your content contains errors that must be corrected, or, if you provide content after you receive the first design draft, overtime editing charges may be charged.


I would like to submit photos for my project, what is the best way to send them?


It depends on how many you want to send. For 1-5 photos email is perfectly fine. Just be sure they are high resolution if they are for a print design project. Images pulled from the internet are too low resolution for quality printing. Internet images may also have copyright protection so be sure to obtain permission to use any images you submit. If you have more than 5 photos to submit please send via Dropbox.com, a free and easy to use file sharing service.