I AM Jamacia Johnson

Senior Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and Web Designer

I love being involved in the early brand development stages of new businesses, as well as helping existing companies and individuals with taking their design concepts to the next level. There is something wonderful in helping a client breathe visual life into their projects. My company, Ampli (short for amplify) Creative, LLC. was registered in 2010. Prior to 2010, I was a part-time graphic designer for a large title insurer and I freelanced on the side, taking on far too many design projects (the hustle is real), working late nights with no office hours, eating badly, and getting little sleep.  Good times!

The early days…

Fun Fact: I did not originally go to college to become a graphic designer. In fact, I changed majors 3 times, originally going for fashion design, then business marketing, and finally finishing with a BA of Arts with an emphasis in painting and illustration. I had no idea at the time that a blank page on a computer screen would become my new canvas. The year before I graduated college I took a single photoshop course. That was the entirety of my formal training in graphic design. A couple years prior to that I’d done an internship for a design agency in Houston, TX.  The agency hired me assuming I had prior knowledge of graphic design software. I had never touched or heard of Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, so needless to say, a minor freak out was involved. I had already relocated to Houston, so my only option was to teach myself during lunch breaks and after work. Upon completion of that internship I received a “would rehire” letter of recommendation.  I’m thankful every day that the creative agencies and companies that hired me over 18 years ago were able to see my potential.

Art is the highest level of communication.